About the ABC’s

There are MANY very capable individuals in positions of leadership at private clubs. Presidents, board and committee members. GM/COO’s, department heads and staff members. Yet, the collective efforts of all are oftentimes “capped” at a certain level, even at so-called top level clubs. 

Yup — now we are talking The ABC’s of Plutonium Private Club Leadership! Many individuals in varied careers study textbooks to pass written exams. (Just look at all those certificates on the wall and letters behind their names to prove it!) And – perhaps in the corporate world, book knowledge is enough.

HOWEVER — the world of private club leadership spins on quite a different axis. Book knowledge alone, no matter how deep — is simply not enough.

Book knowledge, facts, figures, charts, SOP’s and KPI’s (as important as they may be) are, frankly — boring! PLUTONIUM private club leaders (volunteer and paid) bring far more to the table than that! Noooo — boredom is not allowed! It is indeed EXCITING to go to that next level. It’s just the way they roll.

So, don’t forget all those textbooks full of knowledge sitting on the credenza behind your desk so you can cram for that next exam! BUT — you are going to want to keep this little handbook on your nightstand to flip through frequently when it comes to bringing private club leadership to life!

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