Why You Need This Book

This isn’t some boring textbook filled with academic knowledge. This is a seriously fun guide filled with real world, in-the-trenches leadership and management advice. We scoured the globe to find the top minds in private club leadership and management and compiled their advice in this fascinating easy-to-read guide.

About the ABC’s

There are MANY very capable individuals in positions of leadership at private clubs. Presidents, board and committee members. GM/COO’s, department heads and staff members. Yet, the collective efforts of all are oftentimes “capped” at a certain level, even at so-called top level clubs.  Yup — now we are talking The ABC’s of Plutonium Private Club Leadership! Many individuals in varied careers study textbooks to pass … Read More

Gregg Patterson, Tribal Magic

A “must have” reference manual for Managers, Assistant Managers and Wanna-Be-Managers.  The BIG issues are addressed, insights provided and guidance given in an easy to digest, easy to reference, easy to “thumb through” and enjoy format. For anyone wanting to manage clubs, this is the one book that should be chewed on at least once-a-day, every day, forever. Good stuff!

Andy Pavlovich – Past President, Hallbrook Country Club

A very comprehensive and fun read with valuable information for any manager, CEO, or member involved in committees or Board of Directors. Michael’s passion and knowledge of business, organization and the critical personal touches permeates his “A to Z “ approach!

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The ABC’s of Plutonium Private Club Leadership will be officially released on February 27th, 2019. Be the first to get your hands on a copy and receive your invitation to our exclusive launch party in Nashville, Tennessee when you purchase today.